An antivirus program giving realtime protection for the computer
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This is an antivirus program giving realtime protection for the computer. It can also be used to scan for viruses on the hard disk. The installation is very small and the interface is user friendly. It should not be installed on a computer that already has an antivirus program.

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  • Question: My free version now asks for a licence key.

    You can buy a license key through the official website, but the problem is the purchase page appears to be broken which means that purchasing is not available at this time. However, you have the possibility to contact the developers using the following online form: http://www.pcmri.com/contact-us/

    On a side note, I would recommend staying away from applications of this type, because there were many cases when users where scammed to install a non-working product. Use an official product, like Malwarebytes.

  • Question: I am very unhappy with this program. I am paying huge money for it, and it isn't doing what I believe it should be. How do I discontinue this program and possibly get a refund?

    The developers of this application have been sued. There was a court order to cease all their operations. The official website also doesn't appear to be available anymore which means you have purchased the product from a third party website. You will have to contact them to obtain a refund or contact your bank to prevent any other payment. Unfortunately, this is the only way possible.

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